Welcome to BRONZ EDITION, based in Stellenbosch, known for the majestic beauty of its surroundings and also home to one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world.

Bronz Edition prides itself on fine craftsmanship. Each bronze is handcrafted using traditional skills to produce a distinctive faithful and accurate finish.

Works of any size or complexity cast on time and in budget, and always with the greatest care.

Regardless of the size of each project handmade skills, techniques, and attention to detail are applied to ensure the highest quality.

Our personal service has been developed to provide you with a wide range of sculptural services which include, origination, scaling up, mould making, lost wax casting in bronze , patination and restoration as well as the final delivery & installation.

Did you know?

Chinese bronzes often depicted ceremonial imagery, Indian and Egyptian castings frequently represented deities, the Africans cast images of nature, and the Greeks re-created the human form. Many of these cultures have grown obsolete, religions have evolved and societies have changed, but an intriguing visual history survives through the surviving bronze works. Certain elements of the “Lost Wax” process have indeed been refined, yet today bronze casting remains essentially the same as it was in 2,000 BC during the Akkadian period.

Modern sculptors who want their pieces cast in bronze depend upon a foundry. There, artisans skillfully apply the “Lost Wax” method to wood, stone, clay, plaster and essentially any other form of sculpture to transform the artist’s vision into bronze.

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